decentralized on-line storage network

exchange PC resources with other users
BitDust network is a voluntary association of people sharing resources of their personal computers - it aims to protect the privacy of users and provides an alternative way of working and communicating in the network.

trust & cooperate

Imagine a situation when two friends and you agree to help each other to store some important files

peer-to-peer transfers

Both of your friends upload data on your computer, and you in turn can use their free space to save your files

data redundancy

This creates redundancy, but allows you and your friends storing important data in a safer way

fair resource allocation

This is a fair deal, because all three are interested in safety, reliability and privacy of stored information

try out latest development release
we are still at the beginning, but decided to publish our current results to get your feedback

 Python Sources 

main Git repository

read installation tips to learn how to install full BitDust node on your device from Python sources directly

Microsoft Windows


this Windows Installer includes Python and Git, during installation BitDust sources will be cloned to your local machine



application launcher will check/install Python and Git via Homebrew, BitDust sources will be cloned to your local machine

Ubuntu / Debian


check out release page to find distributions for other platforms, BitDust sources will be cloned to your local machine

development screenshots

distributed data storage
BitDust software running on your PC, allows you full control over your own personal data - all input data is divided into blocks and fragments, encrypted and uploaded to other users' computers.

suppliers & customers

  • all data is stored on users machines
  • suppliers provides storage space
  • customers rent space on supplies's machines
  • you can donate and consume at same time
  • every supplier keeps a piece of source data

reliable storage

  • redundancy factor is 1:2
  • data arranged in a RAID array
  • ECC method determines the target node
  • two parallel layers: Data and Parity
  • up to 64 suppliers keeps your data

high security

  • every user posses his own Private Key
  • all data is encrypted before leave your machine
  • your suppliers have no access to your data
  • no way to recover your files if you lost the Key
  • protect your secret Key as good as possible !

maximum privacy

  • we do not use any passwords!
  • everything is peer-to-peer, no authority servers
  • digital signature protects your identification
  • incognito mode "masks" your real IP address
  • data disintegration hides your files completely

automatic rebuilding

  • software monitors every piece of uploaded data
  • fresh node replaces unreliable supplier
  • ECC method allows to rebuild the lost fragments
  • reconstructed fragments transferred to new supplier
  • let program working 100% time to keep data reliable

support other users

  • basic values are: requested and donated Megabytes
  • give to others twice more of your own consumption
  • wait until other people fill your HDD with their files
  • keep your machine working and support other users
  • no monetization yet - development continues
BitDust is another way for collective security
The purpose of BitDust is to make all interactions in the network simple, safe and ethical for each user and thus benefit to the whole society in general - only together we will create this new reality.

join development

  • clone source code from GitHub, better make a Fork
  • run from Python sources, test on your local machine
  • learn how all things going to work from the Wiki
  • contact BitDust contributors to be in touch
  • open/solve issue, report a bug, improve code quality
  • select a story which suits for you the best way
  • develop, experment, open Pull Request to master

media support

  • study Wiki pages, ask questions
  • imporove the web-site front-end
  • help to translate and spellcheck the docs
  • write articles and tutorials, create videos
  • tell your friends about BitDust
  • help to participate in IT-conferences
  • promote BitDust in any way you wish

financial cooperation

  • everything costs money, why not sell the free space on your PC?
  • suppliers can earn GBH if donate PC resources and stay reliable
  • if you do not want to donate, you will have to buy resources from others
  • BitDust company will help people, and make huge profits
  • we have a detailed work plan and ready to start cooperation

sponsorship & donations

Visa or MasterCard
(BitCoin) wallet
contact us for agreeing
on any other transfer methods
BitDust Wiki
table of contents
BitDust contributors








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