BitDust Change Log

2017-10-31 Veselin Penev

  • added known id server at
  • changes in : store files and folders in tar archive with modified names
  • error fallback flow added in restore() automat
  • MAJOR CHANGE !!! ALL Enrypted customers data stored on suppliers is PUBLICLY SHARED now!
  • added feature : encrypt private message with recipient master key or another known key
  • bug fix in id_registrator()
  • fixes in chat, more transport logs
  • removed id serverd on
  • adjusted default settings : run proxy transport by default
  • fixes in servicenodeslookup(), serviceproxytransport() % jqchat and UI fixes
  • updated interface.ftp_server according to new api interface methods
  • added api.file_*() commands
  • removed api.backup_*() commands
  • removed api.restore_*() commands
  • added userid/
  • BOOM! backupID/pathID format change: 0/0/1/0/F20131120053803PM ->
  • added servicesupplierrelations()
  • cmd line fixes for "files" command

2017-08-23 Veselin Penev

  • added colors to terminal logs
  • added "servicekeysregistry" request in the API key_share() method flow
  • added private keys managment commands to API methods
  • storing catalog index in json format now
  • store key_id in the catalog
  • implemented multiple encryption/decryption keys in backup index
  • added access/
  • added servicekeysregistry()
  • added local FTP server and FTP interface bridge to access distributed data via FTP client
  • added Query class to contractchainnode
  • software should be autmatically restarted after receiving an update
  • added logging to gitproc, gitproc will start in 30 sec after startup
  • changed "git reset --hard" to "git rebase origin/master" in
  • added, working on coins storage, codernity db indexes now are located in the source code
  • added added
  • fix in accountant_node() to prevent infinite loop
  • added contractchainconsumer() automat
  • added servicecontractchain()
  • added servicecustomercontracts()
  • added servicesuppliercontracts()
  • added state machine p2pserviceseeker()
  • added simple global events system with listeners
  • added Coin() and RetreiveCoin() commands
  • change in broadcaster_node() automat, improved lookup and dht code, default N of broadcasters set to 3
  • fix in storage/
  • update help/usage, added "install" command to cmd_line interface
  • setup a virtual environment folder in ~/.bitdust/venv/ to isolate BitDust software from system Python
  • added one seed node
  • started playing with Ethereum, continue working on contracts chains

2017-03-04 Veselin Penev

  • migration of genezis nodes to another vps machines
  • added new configs under api/json-rpc-server/
  • bug fix in restore backup flow
  • removed unused id server conf scripts/docs, a new doc page added instead
  • hot fix in logging
  • added customerassistant() automat to servicecustomer_support()

2016-12-14 Veselin Penev

  • improve gui, added progress bars for in/out streams
  • huge changes in UPD streaming: improve performance, stability - it is working now actualy!
  • bug fixes in TCP transport as well
  • pep8 auto fixes for all .py files
  • added indexsynchronizer() machine to replace backupdb_keeper()
  • remove old unused options from settings
  • adjust packet_out automat
  • adjust events in contact_status automat
  • added another packet type (Command) for proxy transport : Relay()
  • keep working on proxy transport

2016-10-23 Veselin Penev

  • bug fixes in settings and fire_hire machine
  • updated README
  • start working on crypto coins

2016-09-18 Veselin Penev

  • publish Python sources under GNU AGPL v3!

2016-09-04 Veselin Penev

  • added nodes_lookup() service
  • added broadcasting() service
  • added broadcast_listener() state machine
  • added broadcaster_node() automat
  • added broadcasters_finder() state machine
  • fixes in git update procedures
  • updated employer() service dependencies
  • slow down bptester process a little bit
  • more clean shutdown of all state machines
  • bitdust api will print all api methods in cmd line
  • fix loging in network_connector()
  • fix serviceudptransport() - now it should finish stun process firstly and then go further
  • modified "integrate" command, it should not create a file but print to stdout

2016-07-16 Veselin Penev

  • added text chat via command line
  • bug fix in UDP transport
  • added scripts to build commits history
  • lots new API methods
  • made port to Mac OS
  • updates in ubuntu package

2016-05-04 Veselin Penev

  • built a new Web Site for BitDust project:
  • new project Logo!
  • lots methods added to API
  • updated/improved command line interface
  • made a stable port for MacOS
  • fixed several major bugs in p2p networking code
  • switched software updating to use "git" - distribute Python sources to end-users
  • created a new Windows installer archive
  • continue working on new GUI based on Django

2015-07-05 Veselin Penev

  • a lot of changes in the code, many things were turned off temporary
  • switched API to JSON interface finally at interface/
  • interface/ now uses lib.jsontemplate module to render content
  • added Django to the project - now GUI interface is using WEB Browser (I was thinking about that stuff in 2010!)
  • added Bootstrap to make a simple and nice looking design
  • created jqchat and several other Django apps in the bitdust/web/ folder
  • created a new deployment script : bitdust/deploy/windows_devel
  • created a new binary installer : bitdust/deploy/windows_innosetup
  • oh! by the way! The project was renamed from BitPie.NET to BitDust!

2014-11-23 Veselin Penev

  • KEY FEATURE: software core is transformed into a system of interrelated services
  • made upgrade on stun client - multiple stun requests at same time to increase performance
  • changed user settings engine, now it is splited on single files in sub folder: .bitdust/config/
  • many fixes in GUI and command line interface
  • hash method was changed from MD5 to SHA1
  • added a small feature - can request a single random packet for given backup from GUI

2014-10-21 Veselin Penev

  • fixed messages - p2p chat is working now!
  • did small fixes in: GUI, DHT code, API
  • changed UDP PING timeout again, from 1 minute to 30 seconds

2014-10-17 Veselin Penev

  • a bug fix in the backups, error when trying to add a network location under Windows
  • make developer reports working again, set up a script
  • changed UDP PING timeout from 10sec to 1 minute
  • small fixes in the command line interface

2014-10-15 Veselin Penev

  • fixed error in registration part

2014-10-10 Veselin Penev

  • switched on a new improrved UDP transport - can use UDP to transfer packets now
  • upgrade messaging service - safe p2p encrypted chat
  • added command line support to send/list messages

2014-08-20 Veselin Penev

  • new tray icons for Microsoft Windows