BitDust Concept

Basic Principles

BitDust is a project of a worldwide distributed computer network designed for safe data storage, exchange, publishing, etc. It works over existing Internet connections or may use alternative transport methods.

BitDust project is based on the following principles:

  • equal rights of all participants
  • fair relationship
  • openness, clarity, imagery
  • confidence in the product
  • personal information security
  • the anonymous network logon
  • usability
  • scalability
  • cross-platform


BitDust is a holistic ecosystem, the basic idea of which is to complete the decentralization of information flows and stored data. Instead of the usual interaction model "client-server" BitDust network uses such links as "user-user". Connection and transmission of any information takes place directly from peer to peer in encrypted form, and user data are broken into multiple fragments and stored distributed randomly on machines of other users. Thus computers of all users provide a share of their hardware resources to the BitDust network to support its operations.


Personal security of each user and the system on the whole is achieved by the BitDust architecture itself, by the encryption of outbound traffic and stored data and also by the algorithm of hiding actual IP address of personal computer in the Internet. Analogues of the widely known on-line services will be carried out in a completely different way – without need to work via any central server operators and identification of the machine and real user identity.


A major point in our plan is the use of BitDust crypto-currency in order to monetize the project. A fully decentralized and secure on-line market will create demand and supply of the individual users’ PC resources depending on their disk quota, computer and channel capacity, stability of network presence, rating in the system etc. We believe that all services must be free for users as long as they provide a sufficient share of their hardware resources to others.


The program is written in Python using Twisted Framework. We firmly believe that an open source code, proper documentation and visualization of all operating processes are necessary conditions for creation of a high quality product and thus a maximum security level of users’ personal data.


With advanced level of security and anonymity all BitDust users will have an opportunity to:

  • gain private access to the fully-distributed on-line storage
  • group access to the uploaded data
  • do files transfers
  • p2p chat/video/conferencing
  • decentralized emails
  • global p2p search over published data
  • synchronize personal data on all devices
  • publish personal information for others
  • create your own fully-distributed websites
  • communicate in decentralized social network
  • work anonymously in Internet via local proxy

We try to create an ultimate user-friendly environment which could have most of operating and control elements but be free from fundamental problems of the modern Internet.