BitDust Concept

Basic Principles

BitDust project explores the possibilities for introducing new technologies in society to protect private information on the network.

We are aiming for a worldwide distributed computer network designed to increase safety of private communications, data storage, exchange, publishing, etc.

The BitDust project is based on the following principles that are followed during the whole process of the development:

  • Decentalisation
  • Security
  • Fairness
  • Anonymous
  • Usability
  • Scalability
  • Openness


BitDust is a holistic ecosystem, the basic idea of which is to complete the decentralization of information flows and stored data. Instead of the usual interaction model "client-server" BitDust network uses such links as "user-user".

Connection and transmission of any information takes place directly from peer to peer in encrypted form. User data is broken up into multiple fragments and is randomly distributed and stored on machines of other suppliers.


Personal security of each user and the system as a whole is achieved by the BitDust architecture itself. This is reached by encrypting outbound traffic and stored data. In addition also by the algorithm of hiding actual IP address of personal computers in the Internet.

Different from the existing widely known on-line services BitDust operates in a completely different way, since BitDust doesn't need to work via any central server operator to identifify the machine of the user, thereby protecting their real identity.


BitDust will benefit the collaborative economy by allowing people to rent-out their hard disk space, thereby supporting the network. Some users are consuming resources from the network and some users are donating storage/network/CPU from own devices - both sides must benefit from that. In short, BitDust software is totally free and open-source, but consuming resources&services within BitDust can be billable.

The blockchain within BitDust is accounting for the work carried out (storage, data processing, data rebuilding, etc.) and to compensate supporters within the network. Blockchain will create an open and fair tracking of the internal economy within BitDust.


Set-up an account and use BitDust completely anonymous. All data is fully encrypted using RSA & DSE3 encryption. Your private key which only you have provides you with the power to unlock your data.

When using BitDust software you do not need to provide your real name, address, email or phone number.


BitDust project is aiming to create a user-friendly environment whereby a user has full control over a majority of the existing elements within the application.

With advanced level of security and anonymity all BitDust users will have an opportunity to gain private access to a fully distributed online storage network. Via an easy to use application you will be able to upload files, share them with trusted contacts and chat completely anonymously. In short we want to make it so easy your grandmother could use is.


The software must be able to work both for a network of one hundred users and for a network of millions.

The more supporters join the BitDust network the more storage can be offered to consumers and more stable and "bulletproof" the network becomes.


Unlike many corporate products we are aiming for community-driven development where decisions, problems and acheivments are shared and avaialble for public review.

We firmly believe that an open source code, proper documentation and visualization of all operating processes are necessary conditions for the creation of a quality product, thereby maximizing the security level of users personal data.