About the Project

Currently, personal information is becoming more valuable and significant in the rapidly developing digital world. Personal photos, files, data on relatives and children, etc. are currently stored separately in various centralized services and are often used without the permission of the data owner, sometimes even causing harm.

The lack of secure storage is a problem for Internet users. BitDust Technology solves this problem by providing users the ability to store their data fully encrypted on a decentralized network via an easy-to-use application. Providing them the ability to share data only with trusted contacts.

The BitDust consists out of users and supporters. Users are normal people utilizing the network to manage their files securely. Data that a user uploads is divided into blocks and fragments, copied twice creating redundancy, encrypted and transferred to the computers of your suppliers. The system is designed to perform continuous monitoring of every supplier, to make sure your data is available.

Supporters of the BitDust maintain the network. BitDust will have multiple roles that will support the network and enable users to safely and securely store their private files. The roles which we currently offer are the supplier, the router and the ID server. The supplier contributes storage to the BitDust network, thereby enabling customers to store and access their encrypted files. The Router helps other nodes to reach each other inside the BitDust network and send/receive encrypted packets. The ID Server maintains users authentication in the BitDust network. As a supporter you can fulfill mulptiple roles at the same time depending on your hardware. To determine whether your system has the necessary please the minimum requirements for the role.

There are two supporting roles we will enable in the future for the BitDust network which are the Miner and the ReBuilder. In the future the Miner will enable the blockchain within BitDust and will be used to account for the work carried out (storage, data processing, data rebuilding, etc.) and to compensate supporters within the network. The ReBuilder restores the data which was lost when one of your suppliers goes offline. The mechanism of automatic data restoring allows dynamic reassembling of the data fragments uploaded into the network on the new nodes without any action from the user.

BitDust is written in Python using pure Twisted framework and is published under GNU AGPLv3 and is an open source project.

An alpha version is already available for you to try out. If you want to join the project or support the team in anyway possible then please contact us.

We aim to build a holistic eco-system that protects your privacy in the network by establishing p2p communications of users and maximize distribution of information flows within the network. We believe that this technology will benefit society by increasing ownership of personal data and protecting data from unauthorized access or censorship.