BitDust contribution

Always wanted to work on cool APP for people to use? Here is your chance!

New innovative HI-tech project is waiting for your skills, inspiration and commitment. Join BitDust team and be a part of a great open source development!

BitDust is looking for a Python developers to work on a new encrypted mobile messaging & file storage APP. This will be your chance to learn new technologies, have fun coding together and shine on the open source front.

BitDust APP also requires amazing UI and we are looking for a super-creative WEB designers and front-end developers to create wonderful user experience in the APP.

Our aim is to provide a healthy alternative to "centralized" social apps driven by large enterprise organizations. We are building a social software that actually belongs to people and is driven by community. We believe your data must be yours and you should be in full control of it.

We currently have a working Alpha version and are looking to increase the stability of the platform and add more features.

Read BitDust Wiki to learn more about the project principles and how it works in general.

Check out BitDust repositories and see what is already there and start working with the code bases.

This will be a voluntary contribution, but we are working hard to prepare project for further monetization - you will invest in your own future together with other enthusiasts in the field.

Interested? Send an email with your motivation to or join the Telegram group.

We would love to hear from you and welcome as a BitDust contributor!